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HWI software package.


Each unit of goods in our service will be accredited under the HWI (accreditation service).


The system controls the entire course of movement of goods from producer to consumer, from service offers to customers.

The software package is being developed in strict understanding of the goals of its operation.

All production lines of goods that are on our platform will be monitored by cameras from packaging to components in goods.

EXAMPLE - Baby food consisting of meat, salt, water, glass containers, can labels, metal lids must be strictly accredited for use on the HWI platform.

Therefore, each production cycle of a product is monitored by cameras, which can be accessed by each customer through our service using links and QR codes.

When ordering products, each customer will be able to personally verify compliance with all the rules and regulations established by the Agency for Standardization and Certification.

Even after the purchase, each person will be able to scan the QR code on the product and watch the real-time video stream of the production process.

The technology of our service allows you to synchronize all visual accesses for the selected product and personally make sure that the manufacturer is in good faith.

The software package is able to automatically create an application for goods, generate a payment order, and choose a delivery method by companies accredited in HWI.

The system contains a fully functional Market Pace with all the tools of both the seller and the buyer.

The built-in analytics of the system will allow you to see the demand markets, needs, pricing policy convenient for buyers.

The system is managed by administrators, accountants, lawyers, analysts, commodity specialists, etc. The management program will have access to personal accounts with various powers.

Sellers of accredited products and services will see analytics throughout the sales cycle.

The HWI accredited center will be responsible for connecting visualization (cameras) of production cycles.

The internal protocol will allow the grouping of manufacturers according to the components used in the product.

Servers and Hosting HWI

The location of sites and databases are of primary importance to the integrity of HWI standardization.

Currently most of the sites utilized in the IT sphere are located on rented hosts, servers, cloud solutions, etc. where data is stored together with other data and commingled with other data on hardware nodes (hard drives, RAM) and processed by a common processor and constantly subject to the incursion of unwanted data such as porn films, illegal substances, alcoholic products, gambling, inappropriate photos and videos, most of which is considered as Haram in the Islamic World.

Our solution is rooted in the combination of Servers, Hosting, Cloud Technologies that will allow you to store only data that is separable and clearly standardized according to the Halal dictates. Each HWI certified electronic platform will be nested in our storage and isolated to work effectively and without unwanted external interference. Any resource that has not passed standardization and obtained certification from our data center will be denied access. This data Center and its process will be entirely monitored by a commission, specifically designed to audit the contents of the server storage.

HWI certificate

Our Company provides an SSL protected HWI Certificate which becomes attached to the site after due verification by the HWI Commission. The site content and products being displayed in external browsers and in HWI browsers will have been previously filtered and checked for content, in order to guarantee the quality of content and protect respectable users from inappropriate data.

On Going Support: the Company will provide the ongoing monitoring of advertising: with unfiltered content such as sponsored links and banners to be loaded in a separate place and advertising unacceptable to faithful Internet users will be disallowed and screened out of the platform.

HWI browser

The data viewed on the Internet and certified according to the HWI standards will display verified content. The HWI Browser reproduces the content only after checking the SSL HWI certificate. The system will then screen for black listed Internet domain names.

The mobile Browser version will also be limiting the phone firmware of third party developers

leaving only the developers of the HWI standardization process to create a secure Internet environment and strict access to acceptable content.

The system will protect children and loved ones from unacceptable information and content to create a trusted Internet world with acceptable conditions for the exchange of information.

The parameters of personal responsibility as integrated within the existing HWI structure and process to be implemented today will guarantee that future generations will enjoy the benefits of a safe and effective Internet.


HWI payment procedures

The standardization of HWI Internet payments will ensure that honest funds will not be commingled with unscrupulously acquired funds. Crypto currencies and the crypto-purchase

of inappropriate goods or services will be filtered out prior to accepting an electronic payment, and the system will not allow the acceptance of used cryptocurrencies thereby protecting the Halal network participants from fraudulent or unscrupulous transactions.

Mobile platform: Android/HWI operating system

The proposed operating system will be developed on the basis of the existing Android platform, a system which will contain its own PLAYSTORE with HWI certified applications only.

The system will only allow access to acceptable content in order to allow children and all believers to enter an Internet world of useful information and have access to products and services meeting the specified requirements of HWI.

The Company will enter into contracts with cell phone manufacturers who have pre- installed  the HWI mobile system  in order to ensure that users will be able to trust the information to be in conformity with HWI standards.

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