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Partners & Participants


Potential partners.

The selection of our potential partners will necessarily take place under the guidance of an Advisory Board.

We believe that it can be:

-international Islamic business associations

-Shariah financial institutions and foundations

-companies of Islamic news agencies, TV channels and Muslim Internet communities

-state international funds for the development of Islamic business

-international Islamic educational and cultural institutions


Our doors will always be open to interesting and useful partners who want to become part of the world's largest unique Islamic business platform.


Almost everyone who is interested in promoting their goods and services can become members of the HWI platform, but only meet all the requirements of the highest standards of our Agency of Standardization and Certification (see Business Structure)

The list of participants can be limitless.

We provide access to our platform for manufacturers of food, clothing, children's products, household goods, sporting goods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, auto and motorcycle equipment, construction, real estate and many others.

We provide access to our platform for cultural institutions, cinema and music theaters, educational institutions, sports organizations and travel agencies.

We provide access to our platform for financial and legal companies.

We provide access to our platform for technology companies and developers.


Halal World International is not only a market place; it is an international association of all spheres of activity of the people of the Islamic world.

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