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Market Place

     The software package will be created on the basis of modern requirements for full cycle automatic sales.

     The client of the HWI platform in wholesale and retail purchases receives a modern environment for purchasing goods. 

     The presence of an automated calculation of delivery, quality control of goods, availability in warehouses, all this is visually available even before clicking the buy button. 

      Each ordered product on Market Place will be delivered to the buyer on time and will be insured against risks. 

      The quality of the product is monitored during the production of the product itself, as well as all parts of which the product consists of by QR codes presented in the Market Place in the product characteristics section. 

     The Market Place client will be informed about the status of the product and its location at the time of the request.

     The system is designed for the convenience of purchasing high-quality Halal products so that the declared properties by the manufacturer are visually confirmed and the Market Place client is protected and informed about the product.

     The Customer Service of the Market Place will respectfully treat each client, explaining and solving any incomprehensible situation that has arisen.

     The right to quality and integrity is valued above all else in our company, and the respect of our Market Place Clients is a guarantee of existence in the market.

     Market Place sellers working with us will receive a lot of advantages.  They will improve the quality of their goods, will be able to revise the markets for their component parts for the better and purchase in the same Market Place, increase the sales volume and some manufacturers will be able to enter the international market.

     New manufacturers will also be able to register on our Market Place, receive funding and open innovative products to the market.  Every entrepreneur who stands for quality within the framework of Halal will be adequately supported and advised on how to join our Market Place.

     Delivery will take into account the prayer times of our customers, as well as holidays, gifts and bonuses will be formed for active buyers.       

     Also, low-income families will be supported with food, children's clothing for school, assistance will be provided to pay for tuition and assistance in finding a job. 

     Market Place will create jobs in hard-to-reach regions and develop the IT industry, food production, education in the faithful direction of life.

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